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About us

PLUTOCRAT - Russian  brand founded by successful businessmen who have teamed up to revolutionize the fashion world.

According to the founders of the company, spending large amounts on low-quality clothing in an era of sustainable consumption is an unattainable luxury. The founders of the brand traveled the globe in search of perfection and uniqueness, their experience and bright impressions were reflected in the collection. Each Plutocrat collection is exclusive and limited. The brand guarantees first-class quality and careful elaboration of details.

Prints deserve special attention in the collections, which take between 500 and 2000 hours of handmade work to develop. The Plutocrat team finds a source of inspiration in everything from landscapes, flora and fauna to features of the client 's character.

The heroes of Plutocrat are ambitious, stylish, educated and sophisticated. They are always aware of trends, landmark events and secular events. Wherever they appear they become the center of attention. And brand clothes are a kind of invitation to join a closed club. "We are truly free - because we are investors and creators. We don 't need to follow the dedlines, carry out the plan.

We have one obsession - it is love for the client, "- proudly speak in one voice founders of the company.