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1. Cash cards of Visa, MasterCard, the WORLD through the system of acquiring "Assist" during execution of the order on the website

We accept for payment cash cards of Visa, MasterCard, the WORLD. Operations on payment are carried out by our partner ASSIST that guarantees safety of all payments.


Safety of online payments

In the ASSIST system, safety of payments is ensured by use of the TLS protocol for transfer of confidential information from the client on the ASSIST system server for further processing. The certificate of the server is issued by the Thawte Company - the recognized center of issue of digital certificates.

Further information transfer is carried out on the closed banking networks of the highest degree of protection.

Processing of the confidential data of the client (card details, registration data, etc.) obtained in encrypted form is made on the safe hi-tech server of the processing company. Thus, nobody, even the seller, can obtain personal and bank data of the client, including information on his purchases made in other shops.

When carrying out operation, you will be in addition redirected on the page of Issuing bank for input of the confirming code of safety (in case the bank which issued your card supports technology 3DSecure, and your card also supports this program).

3D Secure – the procedure of additional authentication of the card holder intended for ensuring the guaranteed safety of payments on cash cards on the Internet.

The technology solution 3D Secure has an own brand in each of payment service providers:

- Verified by Visa – on Visa Int cards of the payment service provider.

- MasterCard Secure Code – on the cards issued within MasterCard Int

In independence of the name, the 3D Secure technology assumes the protected session when carrying out Internet transaction and allows users card holders, to confirm legitimacy of operation for Bank issued the card.

2. Cash calculation

Payment is made directly on hands to the courier at the time of delivery of an item. Cash calculation at express delivery is possible only in Moscow. We pay your attention that representatives of courier service have no powers on correction of a booking value, providing consultations about consumer properties of an item.

Fitting and also return of an item to the employee of courier service aren't provided when obtaining the order.


3. Cash card to the courier

Payment is made directly at the time of delivery of an item. At the time of a call of the courier it is necessary to warn him in advance that payment will take place by means of the cash card. Payment by the cash card when receiving is possible only in Moscow.


The card can't be transferred for payment of the order to the third party.

At operation with use of the Card certain actions are made: operation authorization; verification of the card number on absence in the Stop-list; correctness of input of the PIN code; compliance of number on the Card to data of the check of the POS terminal, comparison of the signature on the Map and the check.

The courier has the right to ask to submit the identity document of the client if for carrying out payment the PIN code isn't entered.

We pay your attention that some payment methods are inaccessible for certain settlements.