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Frankfurt print
Frankfurt print

The composition is based on a griffin attacking the central bank of the European Union. In addition to the central bank located in Frankfurt the plot includes iconic places of the city, for example a monument on the local financial exchange. The sculptural composition of two animals personifies the fluctuations of securities: the bear symbolizes a fall, and the bull - growth. Frankfurt is full of contrasts: ultra-modern skyscrapers are adjacent to historical architectural objects. Mixing opposites corresponds to the spirit of the brand and the mood of the collection, in which street art and medieval canvases are mixed. The main character in the print and the symbol of the AW 20/21 collection is a griffin. His presence recalls that there are temporary benefits, but there are eternal ones that are higher than material values. Lightning flashes and anthracite hurricane skies give special drama to the print. The print is stylized as a poster of a post-apocalyptic blockbuster, which reflects the spirit of the times and the restless situation in the world.