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Graffiti print for shirt
Graffiti print for shirt

Graffiti aesthetics served as a starting place for creating several prints in the AW 20/21 collection. This direction can be both vandalism and art. Graffiti has marginal background and often challenges society. With this, it attracted us to create a collection. In the print, the main role is played by a stylized griffin-dual creature with an eagle head and lion paws, a symbol of the collection and a reflection of medieval aesthetics. The griffin is as ambiguous as graffiti, there is no definite answer to the question: what symbolizes this creature - good or evil? It is surrounded by dynamic spray of paint and chaotic inscriptions that fill the rest of the print space. The classic blue strip of a man's shirt, brazenly painted with graffiti, reflects the spirit of the brand: We are inspired by the best, but we do it our way.